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Give a third dimension to your jersey frames with "The Frame" by Migloo, an original idea combining Art and Sport.


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The idea came with the desire to make jersey framing exceptional.

This is why The Frame really puts your jersey in the spotlight with a unique concept in the world. The jersey is positioned on a 3D bust that pops out of the frame, making the player look like it comes to life. The frames then become real decorative objects for your interiors, and the memories they contain are frozen forever.

Dimensionsstandard 80x60cm, "The Frame" allows you to enhance your front or back jersey, on men's or women's busts, depending on your desires.
Football, Rugby, Basketball, Handball Volleyball, the Art of supervising adapts to all sports. 
The bespoke service allows you to frame your jerseys with a totally personalized cut according to your wishes, but also the possibility of framing any objects related to the world of sport.

How does it work  ?


Order or ask for
a quote with the specifics of the framing.


Receive an email
of confirmation
of your order. We can also call each other for particular details,(only if you are friendly). 


Wait for your work of art to be made and sent OR delivered by me.


Receive your sublime framework "The Frame" and you can now boast that you finally have your Migloo.
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A special request  ?
quote here 

Tailor-made quote

Jersey or object provided by the customer and sent to this address: "SARL Migloo 377 Avenue d'Ares 33200 Bordeaux"

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Import file

Desired frame dimensions:

Frame format

Or custom cut:

Import file

Bottom details:

Import file

(AA battery operated LED system + remote control)

Interior light
View of the jersey

THANKS. We will send you a quote quickly.

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