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Born in 1985, in Bordeaux (Lormont in fact...but it's less glamorous), I grew up all my childhood in the district of Mérignac-Arlac.
Coming from a family of 4 boys of which I am the eldest, and two parents who are civil servants at the town hall of this same district,
my destiny as an artist was not entirely mapped out and even less genetic!
My nickname "MIGLOO" comes very quickly around the age of 6/7 years old when my strong build looks more like an "igloo" than anything else... if you know what I mean...
And the rest, don't you know it?  The combination   between "MIGLIETTA" AND "IGLOO" GIVEN...MIGLOO!
Nickname which today is a registered trademark and a strength
for me since childhood!
Some will think it's very humiliating when you're little, but I took it more as a mark of affection on the part of those who called me that...and then it's cute an igloo, right?
I started optics in 2004 in Biscarrosse, then in 2006
during my studies in Toulouse, I met my current partner who fell totally under my spell and we can understand! She's an optician too, totally barge and founder of a brilliant concept that we will talk about worldwide in a few years I'm sure...EYES CORNER - OPTIC TO GO!
Since leaving school in 2008, we've done a lot! Opening of 6 shops "DESIR D'Y VOIR - ARTISANS LUNETIER", EYES CORNER, BYMIGLOO... Yes, I almost forgot, we also had two beautiful children Léna in 2009 and Tino in 2016, they are adorable but there there is a better chance today that I will become president of the republic of being a dad for the third time!!
In the world we live in, I find that everything looks alike, everything is uniform and that's why I put my creativity at the service of those who want to break ranks and stop being sheep because life is so short it's a shame to go unnoticed!
Now welcome to my world!



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